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The PvMPartisan-

This guide is based on my own experience with the Warrior/Partisan. This is my first time playing on this server but I have played on the U.S. server for about 3 years. It's a big difference between this server and the U.S. one. I have taken a great liking to this one. Start playing and you will see why. Well let's get down to business. I'll start off with the stats/skills that i used on my Warrior/Partisan. Then I'll give the other way of leveling and making stats/skills if you don't level with a partner. You don't have to follow this guide. Feel free to use your own methods. I'm just trying to help out anyone who needs help.

     Con - 90 points by level 30
     Int - No Points Ever
     Str - 90 points by level 62
     Dex - 90 points by level 90

When I set my stats like this I was playing with my brother who is a Sura/Mirage. I had no need for strength because I wasn't leveling alone.


     Might - increases ac/defense
     Stomp - great PvM skill/has chance to faint/great for keeping mobs on you
     Slash - a high attacking skill usually used to clear a path in front of you
     Leap - attacks in a straight line in front of you/ great for keeping mobs on you
     Fury - chance to faint and can also be used as a luring skill

- Might should be mastered at 17 points. Provides a great source of defense which allows the Warrior/Partisan to take lots of damage without totally destroying his hp.

- Stomp should be mastered at 17 points as well. Great for doing damage on mobs and has chance to faint at the same time. This skill is also useful because it attacks before you actually see the stomp animation on the screen. While using a horse just press ctrl + h/use the skill and mount again using ctrl + h. Then swing away just hacking at those mobs.

- Slash should be mastered at 17 points as well. High damage and at the same time pushes the mobs out of your way. A great way for escaping especially if you need some time to use hp potions or anything else.

- Leap should be mastered at 17 points just like the rest of your skills. Good for keeping mobs on your behind and at the same time does decent damage taking out more of the monster's hp.

- Fury should be mastered last and it really doesn't matter when you master it just as long as you do. Hopefully you aren't that unlucky to not master it at all. This move is good for faint purposes and can be used to lure a mob onto you. Not really necessary for PvM. This move is better for stunning during PvP duels.

Stats/If you level by yourself -

     2Con/1Str - Until you you have 20str. After you get 20 points on str max out the rest of your con. This will HELP your might!! Once you have totally maxed out con (90pts.) start by putting 2Str/1Dex. This will increase your ap/dr. Keep on doing that until you max out your str (90pts.) then just concentrate on maxing out your dex. Dr is good for fighting big mobs so that you can resist more damage. Especially in V2. This combined with great gears will make the Warrior/Partisan a great tanker!

Gears Needed -

I'm going to concentrate on the main gears that you should have. The ones that will take you a long way if you get them good. And remember you don't have to follow this guide either. I'm just trying to help everyone out that needs help.

At level 30 - Get a Red Iron Blade+9 with 30% dmg+/PvM stats/stones if possible. This weapon will be great off of a armored horse for tanking big mobs.

At level 41 - Get a Ghost Mask Sallet+9 with PvM stats.

At level 41 - Get a Black Round Shield+9 with hp and PvM stats if possible/faint resist would be nice too.

At level 42 or 48 - Get a Dragon Scale Plate+9 or Blue Scale Plate+9 with 1500hp+ and PvM stats/stones if possible.

At level 46 - Get a Crystal Bracelet+9 with PvM stats if possible.

At level 50 - Amethyst Earrings/Amethyst Necklace+9 with PvM stats if possible.

At level -- Any shoes with hp and PvM stats will be great.

The Rib and Dsp/Bsp will not be that useful once you exceed level 65. It's time to upgrade your gears then.

Get a (lv.66-70) Steel Plate Armor+9 with PvM stats/fully stated/+5 hp,+5 ac,+5 miss stones.

Get a (lv.65) Electromagnetic Blade+9 with PvM stats/fully stated/+5 raid, +5 mob, +5 death.

The Electromagnetic Blade can be turned into a Grudge Sword when if +9 will be best PvM weapon especially if it has 40% dmg.

The Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings should be just fine. If you want you can get others too.

Thank you for taking time and reading this guide. I hope you found it helpful. Please leave comments and suggestions. Have fun playing and Good Luck!

-by Archie/Benedictus

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I like guide but cant agree 100% if you are partisan u should fill str first then con you gave the missing con with might so to kill faster put str 90 then con then dex and last int other then then lot of resources in this guide very nice oh yeah also no raid warrior must have Trauma

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But the more con you put on the more ac your might gives you... Isn't that right? 

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I dont know but more ac you have less dmg you take but adding to con will hurt you killing mobs and metins...

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