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The Horse Guide -

The horse is a far quicker way to travel then to walk in Metin2. It plays an important role in the your gameplay.

Horse Types -  
     There are 4 different types of horses.

1. Stable Boy's Pony - You need to have a horse riding ticket to be able to ride this type of horse - 10 minute ride.

2. Your Pony - You can only ride this type of horse. It doesn't have the ability for you to fight on horseback. Has no special attack skills.

3. Armored Horse - With this horse you can fight on horseback as well as ride it. This horse also has no special attack skills.

4. Military Horse - This horse comes with everything. Riding, horseback fighting, and special attack skills.

Types of Horse Food -
     Pony - Hay
     Armored Horse - Carrot
     Military Horse - Red Ginseng

Reviving a Horse -
     If you don't feed your horse it will begin to starve and eventually die. Once your horse dies you will need to revive it. Read the next section to see the herbs.

Types of Horse Herbs -
     Pony - Sujin Dungeon Herb
     Armored Horse - Honobo Dungeon Herb
     Military Horse - Joklor Dungeon Herb
          *these herbs are ONLY dropped from Stone Monkeys in all the dungeons.
Keyboard Shortcuts for the Horse -
Ctrl + F - feed horse [you must have the type of food that your horse needs in your inventory to be able to feed your horse!]
Ctrl + B - return horse
Ctrl + H - get on/off horse

Horse Summon Books -
     Horse summon books can help you to summon your horse quicker then you would normally.

- Horse Summon Success Rate
1 book(s) - 15%
2 book(s) - 20%
3 book(s) - 30%
4 book(s) - 40%
5 book(s) - 50%
6 book(s) - 60%
7 book(s) - 70%
8 book(s) - 80%
9 book(s) - 90%
10 book(s) - 100%
          *Notice - these books CAN fail. You can use hermits on them if you don't them to fail miserably.
Horse Quests - Level(s) 1-21 -
Level 1
     To do horse quest number one you have to be level 25. A horse medal is required. This medal can be obtained by farming for it in Sujin Dungeon or by buying it from someone for a certain price. The quest is to kill 50 savage archers in 30 minutes. These archers spawn in Maadi, Aswan, and Corinth. I suggest that you request the help of a friend if aren't sure that you can do it by yourself. If you run out of time you will lose the horse medal. After you have completed the mission you have to wait 1 day and then pay 100,000 gold in exchange for a Horse Sword.
Level(s) 2-10
     These quest requires you to run to checkpoints on your horse. DO NOT DISMOUNT! If you do you will fail the mission and will have to wait 24 hours to continue again. The good part is that you will not lose the medal! From level(s) 6-10 you will be required to go to nula, wasteland, tangra and valkus.
Level 11
     To do this quest you must be level 35+. This quest requires you to kill 100 scorpion/snake archers in 30 minutes. A great place to hunt them is in wasteland. You can go with a party of others but YOU have to be the leader. Therefore when others kill them it will count as if you would have killed them yourself. Note that if you fail to achieve the number of killed in the alotted amount of time you will lose the medal. Once you have finished the quest you have to wait one day and then pay 500,000 gold in exchange for an Armored Horse Painting.

     The quests that follow this one will be failed if you dismount. There is a trick though if you don't want to fight them on horseback. Use this trick if you are not able to kill the mobs while you are mounted. To use this trick go to stable boy once you have started the mission and click "dismount." He will ask you if you want to dismount and accept. Once you have accepted you will be off the horse but the mission will not be failed. If you mount again you will fail the mission. This trick can be used on all horse quests.
Level 12
     This horse quest can be failed a lot by many people. Dont give up and keep going though. Kill 5 Black Wind Bu. These are located in Maadi, Aswan, and Corinth. If you want to find them faster feel free to switch channels.
Level 13
     Kill 5 Black Wind Chuong. These are also located in Maadi, Aswan, and Corinth. If you want to find them faster feel free to switch channels.
Level 14
     Kill 10 Elite Orc Generals. The are located in Nula Valley. You can find many of them on the middle island on the map.
Level 15
     Kill 10 Black Orcs. These are also located in Nula Valley. If you want things to be easier for you look for the orcs that come with the Elite Orc Generals.
Level 16
     Kill 10 Esoteric Tormentor's. These are located in Nula Valley just like the two before them. Look around the Forbidden Temple to find them easier.
Level 17
     Kill 10 Poisonous Claw Spiders. This is misspelled. You have to kill Claw Arachnids inside of v1. Valcon dungeon is located in the bottom right corner of wasteland. If you cannot kill them get a friend to help you out.
Level 18
     Kill 20 Desert Outlaws. This is when the quests start to get a bit harder. You have a choice of hunting metins or hunting them in wasteland. I would suggest killing the metin if you can. It's a level 45 metin found in Nula Valley or Wasteland. Get a friend to kill all the mobs but the outlaws. When the metin is almost finished ask him to let you finish it off that way when the metin is destroyed all of the outlaws will die and will count towards the mission. DO NOT DIE! If you die the mission will be failed.

Level 19 
     Kill 10 Ice Golems. This quest is almost impossible on horse if you are low level. The golems are located on the bottom right of the map in tangra. You can get a friend to kill the other monsters while you concentrate on the Ice Golems. Another way is to use the trick that i mentioned before and kill them on foot using your skills. Once you have killed them on foot you can get your horse back so that you can ride it to town. The fastest way is to die and revive in city.

Level 20
     Kill 20 Fighting Tigers. I suggest that you look for the groups that come with 2 tigers and 2 flames. These groups are much easier.
Level 21
     To do this quest you must be level 50+. I suggest you do it at level 60 because you can teleport yourself to the tower using the teleporter. You need to kill 300 Demon Archers in 30 minutes. You can bring a friend to help you or you can use bravery capes. If you run out of time the mission will be failed and you will lose your horse medal. Once you have completed the quest wait one day and pay 1,000,000 gold in exchange for a military horse painting.
Altogether you need 21 horse medals to get your horse level 21.

Thank you for taking time and reading this guide. I hope you found it helpful. Please leave comments and suggestions. Have fun playing and Good Luck!


-by Archie/Benedictus


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Nice job bro here are the horse misson's in English people. Now no excuses why cant have a Military horse...

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Thanks man! There is one problem though... The pony mission in free4real differed from the U.S. one. In U.S. it was kill 20 savage archers in 30 minutes and in free4real its 50 savage archers in 30 minutes... o.O I'm just wondering if the armored horse mission and military horse mission are any different too...

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guess you ll have to be first to find out since you posted

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