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Hey Everyone,
  Suran here going to help some folks out that are having problems with running game first off its 98% likely its your anti viruses doing your anti-virus wants to flag the MC.exe file simply because it is Chinese. So im going to give you a quick walk threw on what to do this will be for AVG anti-virus but most are alike.

So first thing you want to do is right click the avg icon on the bottom right of your taskbar.
Then Temporarily Disable AVG Protection.    10 minutes should be enough time.

Now Unzip the Free4Real folder to a destination you desire.

once that is done start up avg.
Now click on options
Then advanced settings
Find the exceptions tab
Add exception
Exception type Folder
Browse for the Free4Real folder
Select it
Then click ok
Last click apply

And there you have it all done just Click the Free4Real icon and start playing.
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